La légion recrute

“La Légion Recrute” show in the Roman arena… Ave Caesar

Calling all visitors!  Your chance to prove your worth and make your career as a legionary! First step, make your way to the Roman Arena and enjoy the show’s stunts and magic, with laughter for all the family. Throughout the “open day” at camp Totorum, soldiers will be training in an attempt to attract new recruits. The military exercise soon turns into a fiasco with the arrival of a spy from Gaul who has come to infiltrate enemy ranks and to sabotage the troops’ morale. Will she manage to achieve her mission?

Backstage: 15 participants representing the Roman Empire, including 8 stunt-actors presenting various acrobatic acts and a bungee-style stunt. Roman Arena: 1,100 seats – show for all age groups – duration 20 minutes.

They saw "La légion recrute"

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