Exceptional health measures

Following the announcements by the President of the Republic, from 21 July a Health Pass or proof of a negative test less than 72 hours old ( antigen or PCR tests ) as well as an identity document will be required at the entrance of the site for those aged 12 and over.

The "health pass" consists of the presentation, digitally (via the AntiCovid App) or on paper, of a health certificate.


Important : ID or photocopy of ID will be required to verify the identity of the Health Pass holder or the age of the children to be exempted.

Deferral / refund conditions :

No requests for refunds or postponements will be accepted. As a reminder, an antigen test can easily be performed within 72 hours before the visit.

Only clients who have tested positive or who are contact cases (with an official medical certificate from social security or a doctor) are entitled to a refund.


Organisation on site :

Inspection of the Health Pass will be carried out at the entrance of the site by our teams in digital or paper format.


Information on the Health Pass :

A complete vaccination certificate (all necessary doses) made more than two weeks ago for all vaccines, except Janssen / Johnson & Johnson for which it is 4 weeks.

An RT-PCR or antigen test certificate of less than 72 hours.

A positive RT-PCR or antigen test certificate, dated at least 15 days and less than 6 months.

Self-tests are not valid.

It is necessary to present an Identity Document.

The Health Pass can be presented on the Anti-COVID application or on paper.

Parc Astérix has rethought its entire organization, in order to guarantee the safety of its visitors and its teams:

- Physical distance of 1m and marking on the ground of 2.50m in the queues

Cleaning and disinfection plan for the entire Parc Asterix

- Wearing a mask compulsory on the whole site from 11 years old

- Wearing of the mask by all staff

- Physical distance of 1m and marking on the ground of 2.50m in the queues

- 900 hydroalcoholic gel distribution points are available everywhere throughout the Park and in hotels

- Park map available on the mobile application in digital version

All of the measures in the health protocol have been developed in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities and following government announcements.




The Parc Astérix hotel division is implementing exceptional measures to guarantee your safety and that of our teams.

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1. What is the cleaning plan for Parc Astérix ?
An exceptional cleaning and disinfection plan has been put in place by Parc Astérix. In the Parc, the toilets are disinfected very regularly, as are the queues for the attractions. Specific bins are available in the Parc and in hotels for used masks, gloves and handkerchiefs. In hotels, rooms, in particular, are left to stand at least 3 hours before the chambermaids intervene. Signage is also visible to remind people of the barrier gestures and the specific measures put in place.

2. Do we have to wear a mask ?
Wearing a mask is compulsory (from 11 years old) on the whole site (shops, restaurants, alleys and hotels). The Parc Astérix teams also wear a mask. It is advisable to bring several masks for the day; masks are on sale at the entrance to the Park (fabric mask € 8, and single-use mask € 1.90 for a set of.

3. From what age is it compulsory to wear a mask ?
Wearing a mask is compulsory for people aged 11 and over.

4. Can we disinfect our hands in the Park?
Yes, visitors can disinfect their hands in the Park, in hotels, in all sanitary facilities and places intended for this purpose. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available in the Park and in hotels, particularly at the boarding point of each attraction and in the sanitary facilities. 900 distribution points have been set up.

5. What about physical distancing?
Physical distancing in the queues is done between each family by marking on the ground every 2.50m. The physical distance of 1m must be respected throughout the Park and in the hotels.

6. What are the solutions to limit contact during payments?
Contactless payment by credit card (limited to € 50 but possible several times a day depending on the bank) is recommended for payments in shops and restaurants.