The Toutatis Festival

An exceptional new area


On April 8, 2023, Parc Astérix will offer a new 3-hectare area with an exceptional scenography that is in keeping with the spirit of a "Gallic Festival" in the middle of the Forest of Carnutes where the Gallic tribes come to celebrate their God Toutatis.


Toutatis, this unprecedented roller coaster located in the Gaulish universe of the park with a height of 51 meters and a speed of 110 km/h will be the highest and fastest in France.


It will be complemented by a family attraction Chez Gyrofolix which will make you dizzy with its 4 spinning gondolas and the Golden Boar playground , the largest children's play area ever built at Parc Astérix with 3 dedicated areas.


An restaurant Au dolmen gourmand and a shop enrich this new area of ​​the Park.


Sensation seekers, there will be something for the whole family!

Toutatis attraction
Attraction Toutatis
Chez Gyrofolix attraction
Aire de jeux du sanglier d'or