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Aux Fastes de Rome


Aux Fastes de Rome

Restaurant with seating, Fast food. Roman-style fast food with terraces overlooking Romus and Rapidus.
Fast food
The Roman Empire
Avec terrasse
  • Menu Restauration rapide

    Formula Obélix
    Formula idéfix
    • Purchase in advance and take full advantage of a dedicated waiting line
    • A selection of pizzas, burgers or sandwiches
    • Menus available at the following restaurants: Caius, Les Fastes de Rome, La Halte des Chevaliers and Sandwich shops


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Les Fastes de Rome offers Roman-style fast food (hamburgers, chips) so you can use your time to make the most of your day at the park. The restaurant is located on the Roman square at the entrance to the park, opposite the Caesar Carousel, not far from the Défi du César. Insider's tip: Go through the 2 large indoor seating areas onto the 2 terrasses to take advantage of the view over Romus and Rapidus and make sure you don't miss out on soaking up Parc Astérix's refreshing atmosphere.

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