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Peur sur le Parc

From 15th October to 2nd November Parc Astérix will be in sync with “Peur sur le Parc“, thrills, shivers and laughter are guaranteed for all the family!

Whether you‘re a kid or an adult, you’re going to love being scared…

For Young Gauls:

See the Forêt d’Idéfix in a new light, decked out in strangely spooky garb.   Young Gauls can follow the trail of the living garden.  Simply dripping with greenery and larger-than-life plant-like creatures!
After that, it’s time to head off to the Village Gaulois to meet your favourite characters!


As a family:

Climb on board our enchanted attractions
Wicked witches cast a spell on some of the attractions at Parc Astérix for Halloween: 

- Le Chemin des Sorciers : Under the influence of a terrible spell, the Nationale 7 goes crazy and whisks you off on its ancient rattle traps for a ride packed with pitfalls, witches, wizards and pumpkins.
- Le Transdémonium : Ghouls and ghosts wander the corridors tormenting those who dare enter.
- Les Chaudrons Infernaux… bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!  But you're not alone: Spectres whirl around you in the darkness…


A magic show that will make your hair stand on end 

The "Magna Maleficus" magic show in the Théâtre de Panoramix only during "Peur sur le Parc".
You’ll succumb to the hypnotic powers of this terrifying character who inherited his sorcery skills from his father.  Spells or curses…are you in for the chop or not?
Several shows a day. 

For the most daring :

Riotous street theatre
When phantoms, witches and evil spirits gather … be careful who you bump into!  The Rue de Paris is haunted by troubling characters, strange creatures and all sorts of enormous beasts.  You won't be able to cross the street without jumping out of your skin… Welcome to the haunted city.

A new show that you won't forget in a hurry: Métamorphosis
Witness the amazing transformation of man to beast!
Several shows a day at the Cinématographe, opposite the "Le Chemin des Sorciers" attraction.
(Not recommended for under 14s)

Three haunted houses that will take your breath away 

- La Colère dAnubis : At the Musée du Havre, the inventory of an ancient Egyptian collection has set free some very unhappy ghosts. If you upset them, nobody knows what they'll do. Enter at your peril, but be on your guard… 
- Mission Perdue : Go on an expedition to the stars in search of a crew lost on a strange planet. Encounters of the 3rd kind. 3D Experience.
- La Maison de la Peur : For lovers of thrills and spills, let yourself be hypnotised by Dr Cérébrus. A psychiatrist who dabbles in alchemy, he takes you on a journey of discovery riddled with vampires, the living dead and other monsters from your worst nightmares! (Not recommended for under 16s)


Extended and late night opening hours

2 extended opening days on 22nd and 28th October from 10am to 10pm
Come and shudder with fear for even longer and ride the attractions in the creepy twilight zone, enjoy a magical sound and light show in front of the OzIris attraction and watch as the famous Drakkar and its terrifying monsters take a turn around the park.  
3 exclusive late night openings on 29th, 30th and 31st October from 6pm to midnight.
Parc Astérix spectacularly changes appearance at these special evenings: haunted houses, a new Métamorphosis show, street theatre with monsters of all shapes and sizes, and attractions that transform into something quite different, offering a unique experience as night falls! And don't miss the sound and light show at the Temple of OzIris every hour on the hour from 6pm to 10pm, the monsters on the Viking longship taking a turn around the park and the fireworks by the lake at 11.30pm! 

Stay at the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux in Parc Astérix during Peur sur le Parc.
Our hotel located in the heart of the park gives you direct access to the park in only 2 minutes.
100 rooms sleeping up to 5 people in the heart of the forest for a unique and typically Gallic break.

 More informations about the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux


From 15th October to 2nd November 2016 – Closed on 17th and 18th October 
Day : Open from 10am to 6pm
Extended opening hours on 22nd and 28th October from 10am to 10pm
Late night opening on 29th, 30th and 31st October:  Open from 6pm to midnight - one price only, €38