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  • Is it possible to drop someone off at the entrance to the park?

    Of course. Before paying simply inform the attendant who will indicate the spots reserved for dropping people off at the park.

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  • What does the expression “access not guaranteed during peak times” indicated on the tickets mean?

    It means that, in the case of closure due to high visitor numbers, no ticket has priority. Closures are rare and usually happen on a Sunday. For this reason it is preferable to arrive at the park before 10AM.

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  • I still have tickets from last year. Are they still valid?

    Tickets are valid until the date indicated on them. Please check this.

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  • I have a ticket valid for 2 days. Can I choose when to use the second day?

    A 2-day ticket is to be used for 2 consecutive days.

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  • I have an invitation from last year. Is it still valid?

    Invitations, like special offers, are valid for one season only.

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  • What do I have to do to convert a child’s ticket into an adult’s ticket?

    At the ticket booths at the entrance you can pay a supplement to convert a child’s ticket to an adult ticket.

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  • I’d like to buy a ticket with no stipulation of a specific date for my daughter. How can I do this?

    You can buy a ticket without a specific date from the ticket booths at the entrance. It will be valid for an entire season. Be sure to indicate to the cashier that you do not want a ticket for a specific date. You can also purchase an Open Ticket online.

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  • We are in a group, but we would like to have individual tickets. Is this possible?

    Group tickets are available for purchases of 20 tickets or more. To receive your tickets by post, payment must be made upon booking, at least 3 weeks in advance.

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  • At what age do we qualify for a reduced rate for seniors?

    Once you are 60 – on the condition that you show identification, a carte émeraude or a carte vermeil.

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  • If I have a FNAC card, does this entitle me to a reduction?

    To qualify for a reduction through FNAC, the purchase has to take place at a FNAC retail outlet.

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  • Do you accept “cheques vacances” ?

    "Chèques vacances" are accepted in all catering outlets, car parks and ticket booths. We do not give change. You can supplement these with other means of payment to make up the exact amount.

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  • Do you accept “cheques restaurant”?

    Parc Astérix is not authorised to accept “cheques restaurant”.

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  • How many restaurants are there in the park?

    There is a vast array of choice for all food lovers from the numerous onsite restaurants: 6 themed restaurants, a crepe shop, 4 sandwich places, 1 bakery and 11 sweet/savoury snack stands.

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  • If it rains do the attractions remain open?

    In the event of heavy rain or a storm, for health and safety reasons, we may be obliged to close down attractions temporarily (reminder: no reimbursements shall be made due to weather conditions).

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  • Is it possible to be informed of the timetable for the shows?

    The timetable for shows varies according to visitor numbers. As these cannot be known in advance, it is impossible to communicate a timetable for shows ahead of time. However, the day of your visit timetables are communicated at the entrance to the site.

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