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About Parc Astérix

This summer, a brand-new show "Le Ciel Vous tombe sur la tête"

Every Saturday from 8th July to 19th August, visitors can make the most of the extended opening times from 10 am to 10 pm to discover "Le Ciel vous tombe sur la tête", a brand-new show with music, light, fire and water.

This new night-time show, a brand-new, exclusive creation for Parc Astérix by Jean-Eric Ougier, takes its inspiration from the sky and its many mysteries.

This magical show makes everything possible and spectators are taken on a journey into a place that is familiar and well-trodden by day but as evening falls, is completely transformed into a mysterious forest...

Trees are the bridge between the earth and sky, the lake becomes a clearing, a magic cauldron finds itself on a small island and the vault of heaven is where the story plays out.

The audience has front-row seats for the druids' great magic contest. The druids obtain their magic powers from this communion between the sky and the trees, using them to protect the Gauls so that the sky never again falls on their heads.

The druids Barometrix, Aeronotix, Ovnix, Electricitestatix and the notorious Panoramix vie to outdo one another with ever more ingenious ideas, humour and magic in their efforts to win this famous contest.

Music pounding out, lighting effects, fireworks and other special effects create a kind of joyful and collective hypnosis.

During the 7 extended opening days, visitors can discover the park as they have never seen it before and make the most of all the attractions non-stop from 10 am to 10 pm!


As an added extra, you can also enjoy the Regalade Circus dinner "show" served up by the great chef Joe Gazpa in the Restaurant du Cirque.

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