Our Hotels

Take your time and spend longer with the Gauls by staying at one of our hotels, Les Trois Hiboux, La Cité Suspendue or Les Quais de Lutèce.


Experience the charm of our theme park hotels 

By staying overnight at Parc Astérix theme park hotels, be prepared for a memorable experience! Indeed, adventure awaits at every corner. Each hotel has been built in a unique style. Our hotel complex has been designed so that you can relish your experience.Transport yourself to the era of the Gauls for a weekend while enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life! Live remarkably for a moment, just as our ancestors Asterix, Obelix, and their companions did. Parc Astérix theme park is surrounded by three hotels, each of which is within walking distance. Les Trois Hiboux immerses you in the tranquility of a forest setting, mirroring Asterix's own Gaulish village. And while La Cité Suspendue evokes the mystery of an ancient and hidden city, Les Quais de Lutèce evokes the grandeur of ancient Paris, seamlessly bridging vibrant daytime explorations with tranquil, thematic evenings.


Les Trois Hiboux hotel

Immerse yourself in the heart of the forest in Les Trois Hiboux, a family-friendly hotel. With rooms overlooking the park, this hotel combines nature with comfort, providing a serene escape after a day of thrills. 


La Cité Suspendue theme park hotel

Step into a mythical world at La Cité Suspendue, designed as a suspended city. This enchanting hotel transports guests to an ancient world, filled with winding paths and hidden secrets. It’s the perfect hotel for adventurers of all ages.


Les Quais de Lutèce theme park hotel

Experience the charm of ancient Lutetia in this uniquely themed hotel: Les Quais de Lutèce. With rooms offering a stunning view and historical decor, this hotel takes you back in time while providing modern comforts and direct park access.


Exclusive amenities and unforgettable experiences await

Each hotel provides unique amenities, especially designed to enhance your theme park visit. They combine relaxation, adventure, and perks. These include themed rooms, exclusive park access, and additional services like spa or culinary experiences, ensuring our guests embrace a delightful immersive journey. The whole family is going to love specific details that will make your excursion memorable: meet-and-greets with characters, special evening events or unique culinary delicacies that align with the thematic setting of each hotel.