Save time at attractions with Filotomatix!

Enjoy the Park differently!

Parc Astérix offers a skip-the-line and virtual queue service at attractions.

Our visitors will now be able to personalize their stay, optimize their waiting times at attractions and let themselves be guided to enjoy the Park in a different way. Thanks to the Parc Astérix application, our visitors will never again take the wrong route by finding their way easily with our interactive map.

It is also possible to find the waiting times for each attraction in real time: spend more time in the heart of the action.

Filotomatix Unlimited: Unlimited access without waiting in line to the attractions concerned, as well as a privileged location up to 5 minutes before the start of the shows.

Filotomatix Gold: 1 queue-free access to the attractions concerned (1 passage per attraction).

Filotomatix Silver: A waiting time halved to access the attractions concerned (1 passage per attraction).

Filotomatix Unit: 1 access without queue for the following attractions: Toutatis, Discobélix, La Tour de Numérobis, Tonnerre de Zeus, Oziris, La Trace du Houra, La Revanche des Pirates - Grand Splatch, Goudurix, Pégase Express, L'Oxygénarium, Romus & Rapidus, Menhir Express et Attention Menhir !