Photo Point

Immortalise your adventures at Parc Astérix with souvenir photos!


Souvenir photos at attractions

Want to immortalise your visit to the Park? Keep a souvenir of the fear or joy on your fellow visitors’ faces? It couldn’t be easier thanks to the souvenir photo system available at the following attractions: Toutatis, Pégase Express, Oziris, Tonnerre de Zeus and La Trace du Hourra. These photos immortalise epic moments of sharing and laughter with family and friends.


Photo points

There are two photo points in the Park: at the Park entrance (Via Antica area) and the Village Gaulois. Would you like a souvenir with the characters? Astérix and his friends are waiting for you in the Village Gaulois for an unforgettable selfie! If you choose to stay at one of the following hotels: Les Trois Hiboux, Les Quais de Lutèce or La Cité Suspendue at Parc Astérix, you may be lucky enough to share your breakfast in the company of characters from the comic books.


Photographers at the Park

As well as taking souvenir photos of the attractions, Parc Astérix offers you the chance to capture unforgettable moments throughout your visit with the help of photographers. These image professionals are waiting to immortalise your day at several locations in the Park.


La trace du hourra