In 2024 Parc Astérix is celebrating its 35th birthday!

And in honour of this very special occasion, Parc Astérix has a great programme packed with new experiences: a new attraction, a new musical, and lots of other surprises!


The first musical

A 35th anniversary is definitely something to celebrate…and to thank visitors for sharing these 35 years, Parc Asterix is launching its first musical! Follow the adventures of Groupidupianix and Sérotonine, two young Gauls who’ll do anything to make their dreams come true: one wants to be a famous bard, and the other wants to be accepted as the first female Druid. Together they’ll be singing all sorts of songs written specially for the show, surrounded by the most impressive, awesome scenery. You can catch the 25 minute show at the Théâtre de Panoramix.


A thrilling new attraction: La Tour de Numérobis

A thrilling new attraction is added to our offer. More than it looks: you’ll never guess the incredible genius of Numérobis! On completing their vertiginous ascent to a height of 40 metres, visitors will be rewarded with an amazing panoramic view of the whole of Gaul -– from their perch in Egypt! And as for the descent, no need to panic! It’s as gentle as can be – Numérobis has given us his word!


Le Grand Splatch becomes La Revanche des Pirates

On the program: a cascade of formidable traps developed by Red Beard to take revenge on the Gauls. Be ready ! Between catapults, nets and harpooning... You will have to show skill and courage to avoid being shipwrecked. One thing is certain, the whole crew will come out splashed and hilarious from this crazy adventure.


A new float at the Gaulish Parade

What could get the season off to a better start? Check out the Défilé Gaulois, where you’ll see a parade featuring Astérix, Obélix, Cléopâtre, César, Barbe-Rouge and all the other characters from the world’s most famous Gaulish village. This year there will also be new chariot based on the “Asterix in Spain” comic book.




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