Ideas for romantic stays in Paris

Paris is renowned for its allure as a backdrop for romance. It offers couples a wide variety of enchanting experiences : from iconic places to cozy, hidden cafes, you will always find a romantic place to express your love in the City of Love. Extending this romantic weekend to Parc Astérix introduces an unexpected twist, offering adventurous couples a unique way to create shared memories. Parc Astérix presents a chance to bond over thrilling rides, explore ancient mythologies together, and enjoy live entertainment, all within a short distance from the city's heart.

Discover Parc Astérix during a romantic weekend near Paris

romantic weekend near Paris

Did you know? The French theme park Parc Astérix offers more than just heart-pounding rides; it's also a destination for couples seeking both adventure and moments of tranquility. Beyond its famous roller coasters, the park houses picturesque areas perfect for couples to explore together all day long.


Peaceful, beautifully themed gardens and quiet walkways provide respite from the excitement, providing an ideal backdrop for romantic strolls. These spots, scattered throughout the park, offer couples a chance to enjoy each other's company in serene settings, making Parc Astérix the perfect destination for those seeking a romantic weekend near Paris.

Your romantic weekend near Paris awaits

Parc Astérix enchants couples with its themed areas and shows, creating a perfect atmosphere for romance and discovery. Wander through settings inspired by ancient legends, where every turn offers a new story. Enhance the experience with a meal at one of the park's restaurants, offering intimate dining options that cater to a romantic mood. To put it in a nutshell: with its themed areas and live shows, the park is a haven for couples.



Our three hotels offer you a romantic hideaway close to Paris


For a truly immersive romantic experience, consider staying in one of Parc Astérix's themed hotels, offering environments rich in ambiance and storytelling. Each hotel presents unique packages that delight couples, including spa services for relaxation and exclusive evening events to make your stay unforgettable. 

These offerings are designed to add an extra layer of enchantment to your romantic getaway. Each hotel provides unique amenities, especially designed to enhance your theme park visit. They combine relaxation, adventure, and perks. These include themed rooms and exclusive park access among other things.



Book your stay at Parc Astérix: your new getaway for a romantic weekend


Are you ready for new experiences? A romantic weekend near Paris offers diverse possibilities, from the timeless allure of Parisian cafes and gardens to the unexpected adventures at Parc Astérix. Combining cultural exploration with the thrills and enchantment of the park will create memories to last a lifetime. Whether it's soaking in the historical beauty of Paris or enjoying the unique attractions of Parc Astérix, there's something to make every second special for couples seeking romance and adventure. 

Discover all the offers to make your trip to the Park Astérix, a real moment for sharing and adventures... Without blowing all your sesterces!



Discover Parc Astérix during summer


Visiting Parc Astérix during summer offers a unique blend of romance and excitement. Its proximity to Parisian landmarks means you can effortlessly combine thrill rides at Parc Astérix with romantic explorations of Paris. 

Thus, the park should be on your list of places to discover during a weekend in the summer or if you're staying in the Paris region. Experience something unique with family or as a couple, thanks to numerous activities and the distinct charm of Parc Astérix.