Thrills rides: Parc Astérix's epic adventure rides are waiting for you

Parc Astérix uniquely marries the exhilaration of modern thrill rides with the rich tapestry of ancient history and mythology, offering an adventure that transcends time. From heart-stopping roller coasters that weave through tales of legendary heroes to attractions that plunge you into the depths of ancient myths, every visit promises a journey filled with excitement and wonder.


Amazing thrill rides for the whole family

If you're a thrill-seeker, Parc Astérix has some exciting surprises in store for you. 

Tonnerre 2 Zeus returns in a brand new version: Tonnerre 2 Zeus. Did it already give you strong sensations? Wait and see what Thunder 2 Zeus has in store for you! 

Goudurix: head for the Viking zone to start a dizzying climb up to a height equivalent to 12 storeys. The view of Park Astérix is amazing…that is, if you manage to keep your eyes open while flying at speeds of up to 90 km/h through the loops… 

Toutatis: climb aboard a unique attraction in the world. With its 110 km/h and 51 metres high, Toutatis is the fastest attraction in France ! The Gallic God sees things broadly for this steel roller coaster : he offered himself the world record for "airtimes" -the moment when you take off from your seat- 23 times! Hold on to your helmets! 

Oziris: Launched at full speed 40 metres above the ground on the inverted roller coaster, you’ll be thrown into loops, twists and hairpin turns in the heart of the Park. The sky probably won’t fall on your head, but you might well see some stars!


Thrill rides… and so much more during Peur sur le Parc

Welcome to the haunted house experience of the Tombeau des Dieux, where the most sinister spirits of Ancient Egypt await the brave souls daring enough to enter. Condemned to an eternal torment, the gods Sobek and Horus unleash chaos and horror to ensnare unsuspecting visitors.

Are you ready for more terrifying adventures for Halloween? With Peur sur le Parc, delve deeper into the shadows of the catacombs where monsters, skeletons, and decomposing corpses are just the beginning. Navigate through dark tunnels and eerie chambers where each step might be your last. (Children under 16 are strongly advised not to try the thrill).