new queue jumping : Filotomatix

Optimize your day and book your passage to your favorite attractions.



Ce produit est à acheter en complément du billet d'entrée Parc Astérix. Nous vous invitons à consulter les conditions et restrictions d'accès aux attractions avant l'achat de votre Filotomatix. Les Filotomatix sont soumis à disponibilité. Vous ne pouvez réserver qu'une seule attraction à la fois.  (1) Un temps d'attente d'une dizaine de minutes peut être observé. (2) Produit en vente sur l'application Parc Astérix. Une caisse est disponible pour les règlements en espèces uniquement. (3) Jusqu'à 10 minutes avant le début des spectacles.

This product is to be purchased along with the Parc Astérix entry ticket. Please refer to the conditions and restrictions of access to attractions beforce purchasing your Filotomatix. Filotomatix are subject to availability. You can only reserve one attraction at a time. (1) There might be a waiting time of about 10 minutes. (2) Product sold on the Parc Astérix application. A ticket counter is available for cash payments only. (3) Up to 10 minutes before shows begin.



1. What is a Filotomatix? 
FILOTOMATIX is a new paid service.

Depending on the range chosen, you have access to privileged queuing services, or to differentiated waiting times at eligible attractions. The prices and the description of the ranges are available on the table above. 

2. What is a Virtual Queue? 
The virtual queue replaces the physical queue. Thanks to your smartphone, you can reserve a place in the virtual queue without having to physically queue, which allows you to optimize your time and enjoy the Park more. 

3. How to buy a Filotomatix? 
The purchase of a FILOTOMATIX is reserved for visitors holding a valid Parc Astérix access ticket on the date of use of the FILOTOMATIX. 

FILOTOMATIX can be accessed:

  • In presale on our site by selecting the specific date of use of FILOTOMATIX at the time of purchase, or by contacting our Contact Center by telephone on 09 86 86 86 87 (free number).
  • The day of the visit, within the limit of the FILOTOMATIX available that day, directly on the dedicated site or accessible from the “Parc Astérix” mobile application downloadable for free from major app stores.

The number of FILOTOMATIX available each day is limited. A FILOTOMATIX is only valid for one person. 

4. What do I need to buy a Filotomatix? 
You must have: a mobile terminal, an internet connection or a Wifi connection and a valid email address. 

5. When and how should I activate my Filotomatix? 
For Visitors who purchased a FILOTOMATIX in presale: you will receive an activation email no later than the day before your visit. You are invited to access your FILOTOMATIX on the day of your visit by clicking on the link provided.

For Visitors wishing to purchase a FILOTOMATIX on the day of their visit: you will need to create a "FILOTOMATIX" account. on the Site with a valid email address. 

6. You plan to come with a group 
Group reservations allow you to reserve the same time slot at the attractions for all members of your group. 

In order to take advantage of the group service, you must select the same range of FILOTOMATIX (otherwise the waiting times allocated may be different and you may not be able to access the attractions together).

Group booking is possible in two ways :

  • Via your FILOTOMATIX account if you are the buyer for all members of the group
  • Via the “Share my Filotomatix” option on the Parc Astérix application allowing you to combine several individual accounts. 

7. You bought the Filotomatix for the members of your group and you want to separate in the Park  
FILOTOMATIX offers a function called "Share my Filotomatix" which allows a group to be divided in order to select different attractions. To take advantage of this feature, each visitor concerned will have to create a FILOTOMATIX account via their own smartphone using a valid email. Once the division is finalized, you can proceed to the reservation of the time slot of the attraction of your choice, among the eligible attractions. 

8. Reservation of a time slot in a virtual queue 
The virtual reservation of a queue is only possible on the day of validity of the Filotomatix, during the opening hours of the Park. No reservation in advance is possible.

After activating your FILOTOMATIX, you can reserve a time slot in a virtual queue of one of the eligible attractions, among those offered on the day of its visit. 

9. Do I have to wait in line when I show up in front of the attraction? 
Yes - once your virtual reservation has been scanned and you enter the attraction waiting area, you will join a short line and wait in line for 10-15 minutes before entering the attraction.


For more information, you can consult terms of use du service FILOTOMATIX.