Dive into excitement at Parc Astérix: a top water attraction near Paris

Plunge into Parc Astérix for a water attraction near Paris, where legendary tales and thrill-seeking rides collide. Located next to Paris, the park is a tribute to valiant characters from the iconic Asterix comics. At Parc Astérix, you will find a variety of water attractions that are sure to delight both the young and the old. Let's discover our water attractions for children, some thrilling water rides for the most fearless, and our water attractions for families !

Pulse-racing coasters and premier water attractions near Paris

revanche des pirates

The park's impressive lineup, including the revered Tonnerre 2 Zeus, provides gravity-defying drops and speeds that cater to thrill-seekers, while Goudurix challenges with its inversions and rapid turns. Complementing these land-based thrills are the acclaimed water attractions, offering an adrenaline-infused splash for all. Rides such as La Revanche des Pirates - Grand Splatch and the Oxygénarium (with its massive 195-meters slide in rafts) offer guests a mix of excitement and refreshment, weaving through meticulously themed environments that capture the spirit of adventure unique to Parc Astérix.

The Log Flume Rides of Parc Astérix

"Log flume" rides are a must-try water attraction, carrying visitors in log-shaped vehicles down many descents. These rides have historical roots in the logging industry, where logs were floated down rivers to mills. Parc Astérix adds its unique twist to this concept with humor through its Menhir Express ride. Located in the Gaul area, it immerses you in the role of a menhir delivery person, reminiscent of the beloved Obélix. Another water attraction near Paris is Hydrolix, a junior log flume ride for younger guests.



Parc Astérix wouldn't be complete without the legendary Romus et Rapidus, a rapid river raft ride. This attraction features a journey on an artificial torrent full of whirlpools, shakes, sudden direction changes, and splashes—a true sensory experience! 

As a leading water attraction near Paris, Parc Astérix delivers an unrivaled experience that combines History with entertainment and familial enjoyment. It stands as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a fun-filled Parisian escapade.