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La revanche des pirates - Le Grand Splatch

Everyboy inside ! After yet another shipwreck, Redbeard and his pirates invade La Revanche des Pirates - Le Grand Splatch to take revenge on the Gauls. This time, the captain takes the lead in preparing the ambush of the century.

Family Amusement Park
Bienvenue chez les Gaulois

Le Grand Splatch is now La Revanche des Pirates!

What you can expect: a series of impressive traps set by Barbe rouge to take revenge on the Gauls. Get ready! With all the catapults, nets and harpoons... You’ll need to be skilled and brave to avoid a shipwreck. One thing is for certain, the entire crew will get splashed with water and fun from this crazy adventure.



Accessibilité Handicap

Les accès se font par l'entrée Filotomatix.
Pour les personnes en fauteuil roulant, les accès se sont par la sortie. 
Ils devront être en mesure de quitter leur fauteuil, de pouvoir s'asseoir et se maintenir aux barres de maintien pour participer à l'attraction.

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La revanche des pirates - Le Grand Splatch
La revanche des pirates - Le Grand Splatch
REFRESHING Guaranteed splashing
HAIR-RAISING Watch out for the rapids
FOR ALL THE FAMILY Little and big Gauls

The Romans don’t know this but…

This attraction was one of the first in Parc Astérix and was erected in the ‘Welcome to Gaul’ zone at the same time as the Park was being built. That’s not the only unique thing about it because it was also one of the first attractions with a drop to be built in Europe. With such a glorious history, you can’t possibly walk past without dropping in with your family or friends!




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