L'été Gaulois - Gallic summer

L’Été Gaulois takes place between July 13 to August 31, 2024.. Young and old will find great delight in a well-designed programme built around the Park’s 50 attractions and shows!


With the Park’s seven aquatic attractions, you will be overcome with watery exhilaration. From frenetic rapids to calming streams, l’Été Gaulois will be more than just refreshing for the whole family!

Horaires prolongés, ciel illuminé

Longer opening hours and illuminated skies

Parc Astérix is open from 10 am to 10 pm between July 13 to August 31, 2024. but closes with a show filled with lights, sounds and fireworks: “Le Ciel Vous Tombe sur la Tête”.  
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The Gaulish Banquet

Enter the heart of the indomitable village and enjoy a unique, lively feast! 
Lose yourself in the hearty festivities alongside your favourite comic book characters.

le banquet gaulois
défilé gaulois

Le Défilé Gaulois

Watch le Défilé Gaulois with its 4 floats: Cleopatra, Caesar, the Gauls, and a new one making its appearance this summer: the Pirates' float.  
All the characters from the comic books will be there to party and amaze you. 
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Pirates en galère

New show: Pirates en Galère

This show brings to life the comic book’s famous band of pirates who usually only find misfortune... After yet another setback and adrift on a dodgy raft, the captain, Redbeard, decides to quit. Who will take over from him? Planchepourix, his first mate, or Étoile, his daughter?  
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