Things to do this weekend in Paris

When planning the perfect weekend, the quest for activities that cater to all — families, couples, and thrill-seekers alike — is essential. Do you want to experiment new adventures, explore new cultures, or simply enjoy quality time with your loved ones? Finding the right "things to do this weekend" can transform a few days off into wonderful memories. Parc Astérix, with its unique blend of thrilling rides, historical immersion, and entertainment, offers an exceptional destination that promises to fulfil your weekend with unforgettable experiences.

Why choose Parc Astérix for your weekend?

Parc Astérix stands out as a weekend destination by seamlessly integrating the excitement of thrill rides with the allure of ancient history and mythology. This unique combination not only entertains but also educates kids and adults alike, making it an unparalleled choice for those seeking an adventure that diverges from an ordinary weekend. Its thematic areas transport visitors back in time, offering an immersive experience that's as enriching as it is exhilarating, perfectly suited for families, couples, and adrenaline enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable weekend odyssey.

Are you ready for a weekend of thrills and fun?


At Parc Astérix, the thrill rides such as Tonnerre 2 Zeus, OzIris, Toutatis, and Goudurix offer a level of excitement that appeals to adventure seekers of all kinds. These attractions, known for their impressive designs and heart-pounding speeds, make Parc Astérix a top destination for those in pursuit of excitement during a weekend near Paris, blending high-flying fun with the park's unique thematic charm and its renowned characters.




Parc Astérix enriches visits with a range of special events and shows throughout the year. These includes seasonal celebrations and live performances that capture the spirit of ancient Gaul: “Le Banquet gaulois”, “Noël gaulois”, “Peur sur le Parc” or “L’Été gaulois”, for example. These events offer an extra layer of excitement, making every weekend memorable. Why don’t you start planning yours right now? Prepare your weekend by checking the schedule for opening times and dates. Then, pick one of our adventures: family adventure, thrills, Young Gauls… it’s up to you.

Book your hotel room for a family stay or a romantic experience at Parc Astérix

Looking for things to do this weekend? Why don’t you plan your stay with us? Parc Astérix offers convenient accommodation options, allowing guests to dive deeper into the park's attractions and shows. With its themed hotels, visitors can enjoy a full immersive experience without the hassle of day-to-day travel. Our hotels provide not just comfort but also additional perks like early park access, making your stay both pleasant and convenient. 

In our hotels, you will enjoy all the comforts necessary for a most pleasant stay. You will also benefit from perks such as early access to the park, exclusive entry, or culinary experiences, all in a family-friendly environment


While Les Trois Hiboux immerses you in the tranquillity of a forest setting, mirroring Asterix's own Gaulish village, La Cité Suspendue evokes the mystery of an ancient and hidden city. And what about staying at Les Quais de Lutèce during your weekend, where guests can experience the true Roman art of living? Ideally located in an enchanting setting, it has air-conditioned rooms designed for the whole family. 


During your weekend, our hotels offer many amenities, services, and perks: 

  • Proximity to the park, just a short walk away; 
  • Exclusive early access to Parc Astérix, 30 minutes before it opens; 
  • Opportunities to meet your favourite characters; 
  • Complimentary parking throughout your stay. 


Parc Astérix stands out as a premier choice for those seeking an adventurous weekend. With its mix of thrilling rides, historical themes, and cultural shows, it promises an unforgettable experience near Paris. The convenience of themed accommodations enhances the charm, ensuring a beautiful stay. Consider Parc Astérix for your next weekend getaway for an experience filled with excitement and many encounters with your favorite