Tonnerre 2 Zeus
tonnerre 2 zeus

Tonnerre 2 Zeus

Tonnerre de Zeus is back in a brand new version: Tonnerre 2 Zeus.

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Damn wood!


Tonnerre de Zeus returns in a brand new version: Tonnerre 2 Zeus. Did it already give you strong sensations? Wait and see what Thunder 2 Zeus has in store for you!

On the program: a bump inclined at 90°, high-speed turns, fourteen "airtimes" (moments when the speed makes passengers take off from their seats), a tunnel with special light effects, or even the last cars reversed in order to live the attraction upside down.

tonnerre 2 zeus
tonnerre 2 zeus
tonnerre 2 zeus
tonnerre 2 zeus
MYTHICAL Top attraction
SPEED up to 90 km/h
Height gain 30 m drop

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The Romans don’t know this but…

Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder, is known as the most powerful, the most respected and the most bad-tempered god on Mount Olympus. If the thought of being struck by Zeus’s thunderbolts terrifies you, here’s a piece of advice: as you go under his statue, look skywards. Close up, Zeus is much less impressive than he appears!




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