Weekend City Breaks near Paris: welcome to Parc Astérix

Explore the charm of the Paris region and discover one of the most enjoyable adventures that you’ll find nearby! Just a short distance from Paris is Park Astérix. Offering a unique twist to the traditional Parisian weekend, Parc Astérix features adrenaline-pumping rides, entertaining shows and much more. Looking for the perfect idea for a city break? Dive right into the world of Parc Astérix. Children and adults, families and friends are warmly welcomed for moments full of shared joy, absolute pleasure and adventure.

The perfect destination for a weekend city break near Paris in 2024

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In 2024, venture beyond the familiar highlights of Paris and into the heart of adventure with a trip to the Astérix’s French theme park. Described as an original choice for weekend trips around Paris, it offers a unique mix of thrills, laughter, and shared experiences for the whole family. It's a destination that invites couples and families alike to step out of the ordinary and dive into a world steeped in ancient lore and modern excitement.


Whether it's a high-speed coaster or a breathtaking show, Parc Astérix provides a fresh, vibrant alternative to the conventional Parisian weekend. You’ll experience adventures that are both original and memorable at every turn, we promiss you! 


What are you waiting for? Step aboard the Pégase Express, the most spine-tingling rollercoaster in Parc Astérix. Chicanes, drops, bumps... We won’t go on and on about it, but you’ll be flying the seat of your pants on this ride and leave with your hair all tangled up – just like Medusa!

Book yourself a day trip to Parc Astérix in 2024

Stepping outside Paris for a day trip, Parc Astérix offers an escape into the amusing Gaulish universe. With its themed hotels, the park extends the adventure, providing an immersive experience where history and fantasy converge. Guests can stay within walking distance to the park for early access, engage in character meet-and-greets, and unwind in settings inspired by ancient stories, within less than one hour drive from Paris. Parc Astérix is also accessible by public transport. 

Stay overnight at Parc Astérix theme park hotels and be prepared for a memorable experience! Whether with the whole family or as a couple, adventure awaits at every corner during your city break close to Paris. Each hotel has been built in a unique style: our hotel complex has been designed so that you can relish your experience. Transport yourself to the era of the Gauls for a weekend city break while enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life!

Original weekend trips from Paris: Astérix and Obélix are waiting for you

Enhance your Paris break with a journey to Parc Astérix, where thrill rides like Tonnerre 2 Zeus and Goudurix await. It's a destination where history is brought to life and every ride tells a story, providing an adventurous alternative to the city's classical charm. Here are some of the main attractions you don’t want to miss during your next weekend city break close to Paris: 

  • Launched at full speed 40 metres above the ground on the inverted roller coaster, you’ll be thrown into loops, twists and hairpin turns in the heart of the Park with Oziris. The sky probably won’t fall on your head, but you might well see some stars! 
  • Tonnerre 2 Zeus has a bump inclined at 90°, high-speed turns, fourteen "airtimes", a tunnel with special light effects, or even the last cars reversed to live the attraction upside down. Are you sure you are ready for this during your weekend? It will most certainly enhance your city break away from Paris. 
  • Climb aboard a unique attraction in the world. With its 110 km/h and 51 metres high, Toutatis is the fastest attraction in France! And as the Gallic God sees things broadly, he also offers himself the world record for airtimes on a steel roller coaster… 23 times! Hold on to your helmets!
  • Fly 40 metres high in our new attraction, la Tour de Numérobis. Swing with your partner to test the genius of Numérobis while enjoying a stunning view of the park.Thrilling sensations guaranteed!