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Buffet of horrors - Restaurant Le Cirque

During Peur Sur le Parc evenings, Le Cirque restaurant is transformed into a terrifying buffet, offering an immersive ex

60 min
A travers le temps

This year’s Peur Sur le Parc (Fear on the Park) will see the Restaurant du Cirque transform into a buffet of horrors.


An immersive experience, with unusual encounters and scary animations!


Give your taste buds a thrill with dishes each more terrifying than the last! Are you brave enough to try the “witch’s finger” mini hot dogs, or maybe even the bleeding chocolate cake? Those less daring are sure to prefer the sweet pumpkin soup served fresh from the cauldron!



Buffet horreur
buffet horreur
parc asterix buffet horreur
peur sur le parc buffet horreur
buffet horreur parc asterix


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