Adventures await for young Gauls with these children attractions at Parc Astérix

Discover a world especially built for the youngest adventurers at Parc Astérix, where the Young Gauls attractions bring smiles and excitement. Designed for children of all ages, these rides and playgrounds promise a safe experience, ensuring fun for all in a family-friendly environment. Among these children rides, let’s discover more about Les Chaises volantes, Enigmatix and Aérodynamix among others.


Children rides: attractions and a lot of fun for the little ones

Les Chaises volantes: after training with Les Petites Chaises Volantes, our Young Gauls will transform into professional acrobats! Are they ready for a taste of this pleasant feeling of weightlessness? They’ll soon find out as they fly through the air! 

Enigmatix: settle your children in this weird gondola designed by the druid Enigmatix and watch the excitement mount! The lift clearly still needs a few adjustments! And for once, Numérobis isn’t to blame!

Aérodynamix: dash over to our Gaul zone to discover the druid Aérodynamix’s latest invention and children's attraction. Ride bikes with propellers whose altitude varies according to how fast you pedal. By Toutatis, this’ll be quite athletic! A children's ride you certainly don’t want to miss.

L’Escadrille des As: head for the aerodrome in the Viking zone to prepare your intrepid young pilots for take-off! On L'Escadrille des As, they get to choose their plane’s altitude by pulling on the stick!


Enjoy children attraction for every age, even very Young Gauls

First time at Parc Astérix? What about starting your trip in the Gallic zone and head skywards? In the Park, don’t be scared of the highs and lows or brawls with the Romans! Don’t worry about getting hot under the collar, we’ve got plenty of refreshments and children attractions lined up! Your little ones will be all set to meet their favourite heroes and spend a lot of time having fun. Did you know? At Parc Astérix, thanks to Babyswitch, if your child is not the required height, you can take it in turns to go on the attractions without queueing again. Ask the operator of the attraction. Available on all attractions even on children rides.